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Land Ownership 10% open

Hong Kong

What data is expected?

Cadaster showing land ownership data on a map and include all metadata on the land. Cadaster data submmitted in this category must include the following charateristics:

  • Land boarders
  • Land owners name
  • Land size
  • national level
  • updated yearly

What data is available

  •   Openly licensed? No (No URL given)
  •   Is the data available for free? No
  •   Is the data machine readable? No (n/a)
  •   Available in bulk? No
  •   Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis? Unsure
  •   Publicly available? No(as Digital land boundary map published by Survey and mapping office (SMO))
  •   Is data in digital form? Yes
  •   Is the data available online? No (No URL given)
  •   Does the data exist? Yes


The Lands Department in Hong Kong is very proprietary of its data. Several FOI requests to other departments ( have shown that the Lands Department's strong licensing prevents release of all manner of data.

Boundary information does appear to be recorded and stored in digital format, but not free to access:

It is possible for citizens to search a database for details pertaining to very specific plots of land (building number is needed using the 'street search' facility), but this is limited - not finding my entire office block and not providing any information other than the building name for the block of flats I live in. Search facility is here:

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