Open Knowledge

Company Register 35% open


What data is expected?

List of registered (limited liability) companies. The submissions in this data category does not need to include detailed financial data such as balance sheet etc. To satisfy this category, the following minimum criteria must be met:

  • Name of company
  • Unique identifier of the company
  • Company address
  • Updated at least once a month

What data is available

  •   Openly licensed? No (No URL given)
  •   Is the data available for free? Yes
  •   Is the data machine readable? No (n/a)
  •   Available in bulk? No
  •   Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis? Unsure
  •   Publicly available? Yes(as Legal Notices Database (Base de données des annonces légales) published by Corporate Establishment Support Office)
  •   Is data in digital form? Yes
  •   Is the data available online? Yes (Here)
  •   Does the data exist? Yes


The office that published the companies register (BCE) helps entrepreneurs establish their companies. It has a database of all established companies that can be searched through, or alternatively browsed beneath the search engine. You can click each company name to view more details.

Reviewer comments

I have marked the data as not machine readable as I can't find how to get the XLS version of the data, and if it requires a special process, that effectively makes the machine-readable data inaccessible to the public.



  • Rebecca Sentance


  • anonymous