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Water Quality 10% open


What data is expected?

Data, measured at the water source, on the quality of water is essential for both the delivery of services and the prevention of diseases. In order to satisfy the minimum requirements for this category, data should be available on level of the following chemicals by water source and be updated at least weekly:

  • fecal coliform
  • arsenic
  • fluoride levels
  • nitrates
  • TDS (Total dissolved solids)

What data is available

  •   Openly licensed? Unsure (No URL given)
  •   Is the data available for free? Unsure
  •   Is the data machine readable? Unsure (n/a)
  •   Available in bulk? Unsure
  •   Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis? Unsure
  •   Publicly available? Unsure published by Umweltbundesamt)
  •   Is data in digital form? Yes
  •   Is the data available online? No (No URL given)
  •   Does the data exist? Yes


Data exist, but didn't found it as open data see "Die EG-Trinkwasserrichtlinie verpflichtet die Mitgliedstaaten, der EU-Kommission alle drei Jahre über die Trinkwasserbeschaffenheit zu berichten. Der jüngste Bericht von BMG und UBA an die EU-Kommission berücksichtigt die Jahre 2008 bis 2010. Die Qualität des Trinkwassers ist exzellent - über 99 Prozent der Proben hält Grenzwerte ein."

For Hamburg another dataset exists (other indicators as mentionend above) but requesting the data didn't work as of 25/09/15

No dataset for Germany found on but for the city of Bonn

Reviewer comments

Drinking water is the responsibility of the municipality so it makes sense that the data will be with local open data portals. It also seems that water has no overall regulatory body so there isn't a reason for the data to be aggregated to a national level.



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  • walter palmetshofer