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Weather forecast 45% open


What data is expected?

5 days forecast of temperature, precipitation and wind as well as recorded data for temperature, wind and precipitation for the past year. In order to satisfy the minimum requirements for this category, data submitted should meet the following criteria:

  • 5 days forecast of temperature updated daily
  • 5 days forecast of wind updated daily
  • 5 days forecast of precipitation updated daily
  • Historical temperature data for the past year

What data is available

  •   Openly licensed? No (No URL given)
  •   Is the data available for free? Yes
  •   Is the data machine readable? No (n/a)
  •   Available in bulk? No
  •   Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis? Yes
  •   Publicly available? Yes(as General forecast data such as temperature, wind, rainfall, etc. published by Directorate General of Meteorology)
  •   Is data in digital form? Yes
  •   Is the data available online? Yes (Here)
  •   Does the data exist? Yes


Directorate General of Meteorology provides a lot of climate data to the public. The website has a simple section for providing simple weather details for specific cities in Oman and shows the temperature changes for the next three days for each city. ( ) The website also has a more elaborate interactive map that allows the user to overlay different weather layers and playback the predicted changes for several future days. ( ) The website is difficult to navigate though and browsing by map is not intuitive and very slow. Also, the raw data does not appear to be available for download directly.

Reviewer comments

This submission is accepted as the dataset contains 3 days of forecast data for temperature and precipitation (though only in iconic form) and the current windspeed data. It also includes a years worth of historical data.



  • Neal Bastek


  • Riyadh Al-Balushi