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National Map / 2014 70% open


What data is expected?

This data category requires a high level national map. To satisfy this category, the following minimum criteria must be met:

  • Scale of 1:250,000 (1 cm = 2.5km).
  • Markings of national roads
  • National borders
  • Marking of streams, rivers, lakes, mountains.
  • Updated at least once a year.

What data is available

  •   Openly licensed? No (No URL given)
  •   Is the data available for free? Yes
  •   Is the data machine readable? Yes (WMS)
  •   Available in bulk? Yes
  •   Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis? Yes
  •   Publicly available? Yes published by National Land Surveying and Mapping Center)
  •   Is data in digital form? Yes
  •   Is the data available online? Yes (Here)
  •   Does the data exist? Yes


The original website ( ) is a mapping service online, you have to register to use more function.

In 2014, The Ministry of Interior has built their open data platform (only in Traditional Chinese), in June. They provide the map web service to download to use.

They also provide the data to , people also can download the data in .

The Principles of Use of the Platform are published here ( and here ( They are not compliant with the open definition.

Reviewer comments

Expert review: Link updated - now linking to database, License is not compliant, Timeliness is given - platform was installed in 2014.



  • Daniela Mattern


  • Daniela Mattern